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「 Dancefloor ✭ Anthem 」

Everybody, put up your hands say "I don't wanna be in love"!

✭「in † monochrome 」
today, you're my master...

✭ damn boy:
You have reached the journal of lolicount, usually known as 'rin' or 'ria'. She was active in livejournal for about three years now, but is frequently moving journals. Her current journal, lolicount, is probably the longest one she kept.

Her journal is friends lock. But she's pretty much open to new friends. Just comment on my friends only post, granted however, you meet the requirements stated there.

✭ you can see:
lolicount is a thirteen year old girl who resides in the Philippines. She is a self-proclaimed graphics artist and writer, who makes decent writings for her own right. She is right-handed, and is pretty much random. She can talk about a certain topic for ages, making her quite boring sometimes. She's an avid roleplayer. You can find her role playing in KHQ, because she has never bothered to app for livejournal RPs, yet. She's in her first year of high school, and she's pretty much enjoying it, to say the least.

She's a pretty much outspoken girl, never seems to hold back, but isn't tactless. She's said to have a strong personality, and this is why many of her classmates tend to say she's elitist without even getting to know the real her. Many claim that she's stoic, or that she's too quiet.

On the internet though--she's the most hyper little thirteen year old girl you'll meet.

✭ you stole my heart
Currently, my obsessive fandoms are Kuroshitsuji, Code Geass, and Vampire Knight. My other fandoms are listed in my interests, so if we have a fandom alike, then yeah! :D

Oh, the titles were taken from a song called "Damn Girl" by the All American Rejects.

✭ and then you kicked it aside:

My totally awesometastic friends on LJ:

deknighted -- SHING KAY (aile)
2baki -- SADIE-CHAN
lizziesauce -- RIZI~
frostbitten33 -- COSETTE
lamenoob -- CLARICE

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tomorrow, I am your hell...

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