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20 February 2025 @ 08:15 pm

LOL, OMG, I finally had an excuse to use that banner.

lolicount's journal is friends only. You may comment to be added.

Well, you might never know who's stalking you anyways, so that's why, friends only. AMEN.

Friending Policy:

✭ No dead journals.
✭ We must have a fandom alike.
✭ No random adding, or if you really want to randomly friend me, tell me why and our common interest if any, then I'll consider.
✭ You are tolerant of my frequent abuse of capslock? :D

Credits, comms, posts and shiz.


'my works' comm ✭ descythed
photography comm ✭ snapshotaday
joint comm with deknightedteh_candycane

public posts:
about me(sort of) | reasons for moving | why 'lolicount'?

journal layout ✭ milou_veronica
profile layout ✭ ailequen
user pics ✭ riotanthem | ailequen | heygraphics

it's ok, I don't bite. feel free to add. :D
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01 February 2024 @ 10:26 pm
So yeah, I know I can't expect you to go on adding me without knowing a bit about who I really am. So let's go!

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01 February 2023 @ 09:05 am
OK, I moved from chivalrous_vamp, because I felt no more love for vampires or the like. I felt detached from even the username and find no will to post meaningful entries anymore--just spam. So yeah. That's why I moved.
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01 February 2022 @ 08:53 am
OK, you might ask, why "lolicount"? It's a very simple reason really. So, remember how I'm now a Kuroshitsuji fangirl? Well, in episode 4, Ciel dresses up like a girl, yes, a girl. LOLI, because Ciel is young and is really attractive as a girl. He could also be associated to "shota", though. COUNT, because Ciel is also known as "Earl Ciel Phantomhive", and since 'earl' didn't sound good with 'loli', I went with count.

Why not:
'loliprince' -- because Ciel is not a prince, but a nobleman.
'deviousloli' -- because it sounds kinda wrong?
'deviousprince' -- taken much?
'accursedprince' -- because I feel that I'd get tired of that name soon.

oh and did I mention that shota trap is sexy?

OK, now you know what's in my new name. I hope I explained myself well. That's all for now, bye-bii!
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22 February 2016 @ 09:31 am
iClaim.Collapse )
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09 May 2010 @ 11:12 am
I'm sure you guys have already forgotten that I existed or something, but whatever. I'm sorry for not updating this journal. I've looked back on it and realized how immature I was. And stuff. So yeah. This post... well, is just to tell you that i'm gonna blog on livejournal again and that I'm moving. :)

lolicount >> rougeredqueen :D